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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Why, brother, Why???

Some of y'all know about this brother I met back in high school here in C-town. Fine Brother. Smart Brother, Chivalrous Brother. Good-Job-Having-Mama- AND-Daddy-Raise-Him-Right Brother. He and I have kept up with each other over the years. We always make sure we get together, even if just for an hour, whenever I am in C-town. We progressed to the whole " I like you a lot" stage. He even got up the nerve to kiss me (damn, that was good-ass kiss). We talked about seeing where it would go if I was here for the summer.

So WTF!!!! Here I am. The brother works 12 hours a day in a lab, and I know how that is. Time off, means time sleeping. It took a week and a half for us to catch up. So what? Last night, he calls and he is adamant that we hang out. Tells me he has some errands to run and needs to catch up with his sister and he will call me later. And he does. Like clock work. At 11 PM exactly like he said. But once again, I have to reitereate the WTF. That brother was drunk as a damn skunk, when I picked him up. We went out anyway. And then he got sleepy--because of course he was super drunk. Maybe its just me because I been in and out of the liquor business for 10 years and many of my close friends are big drinking, work hard, play hard types. But I cannot stand a person who can't handle their liqour. I wanted to kick his ass! I have never (and I have been very, very drunk a time or two--shout out to big Brady--wink wink), ever been so drunk I almost POD'd at the bar. Perhaps, it is the control freak in me.


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