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Sunday, June 25, 2006

I stole this and so what

I stole this from negro please and DP. Bored and feeling old so WTF...

Memelicious - A to Z

Accent: New York/Cleveland (yeah, these negroes got a their own and its special) wit a little DC thrown in for all the urics and mury's (eric and mary's)

Booze:Bourbon--Maker's Mark

Chore I Hate: Mopping. I hate the wringing out part

Dogs/Cats: I had a cat growing up and I am cool with them, but I want a bulldog named Otis

Essential Electronics: My video Ipod and my Imac. I am done with those damn PC's (sorry, Pop...I know IBM paid for school)

Favorite Perfume/Cologne: Ralph Lauren Hot for me. For him? Armani

Gold/Silver: None for me thanks.

Hometown: Cleveland and proud of it.

Insomnia: Not really, Just not enough hours in the day to do what I have to do.

Job Title(s): Summer lending intern, Student

Kids: Nope. And after hanging out with three teenage girls all day, I think I am over the idea of a big fam.

Living Arrangements: Living in JC with two male roommates. One is a songwriter and the studio is in the house. One day, my ass will be grown and I will again have the privelage of living alone.

Most Admired Trait: Loyal and helpful to a damn fault. ( There are at least a couple of brothers who felt comfortable enough to fall apart with me...and I took care of them. Over it. )

Number of Sexual Partners: A Lady doesnt tell

Overnight Hospital Stays: Blood clot in my lung first month of school at NYU. Almost died in an accident with a drunk driver in DC--concussion and a fracture.

Phobia: Waking up at 35 in a loveless marriage that I got into just so I could check it off of my "bougie black thing to do" list

Quote: "Children and marriage should not enter your mind until you have correctly identified yourself and what you want" -Professor Mary Watson Ph.D

Quote:"Prior to the Civil Rights Movement, we had the desire but not the options. Now we have the options and the disposable income but not the desire...we are dying unless we resurrect our self-respect"- Dr. Leonard Hamlin, Pastor, Macedonia Baptist Church, Arlington VA

Religion: Methodist/Baptist/Disenchanted with 'chuch folk

Siblings: One, male age 23 and that fool lives with a 22 year old girl with three kids and a bad attitude. I think we grew up in the same house, but Im beginning to think that fool is an extra terrestrial.

Time I usually wake up: 7:00 am., these days. And only thanks to Pops knocking on my door.

Time I am usually useful to someone: 1 PM

Unusual Talent: I make FABULOUS drinks...and I can make any one laugh

Vegetable I refuse to eat: Brussel Sprouts and Collard Greens ( Yes, I am sure I am black, but GTFOHWTB)

Worst Habit: Impatience

X-Rays: Knee, Mouth, Chest, Wrist/Hand

Yummy foods I make: Steak (shout out to DP


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