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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Life Isn't

For over a month, me and many of my colleagues have been waiting around for the hatchet to drop. The lead up to actual D-day has been long and torturous. We were told back in November that it would be announced the first week in December. Of course, rumours abound. As did speculations, about who amongst us would get the ax.

My dad works for IBM, I have lived through many a reorg—and this was the worst handled one ever. Now, I understand why, as the company has never had to do this before—but really? About a week ago, I started getting sick of my friends and fam emailing and texting to find out if I still had a gig.

Well, the news is—I do. And I while I am blessed to have continuous income, I feel guilty as hell. Why? Because daily it becomes more apparent that I want to go home. And everybody here knows it.

So, not sure why I am still here and others who were just as talented and probably have greater technical skills aren’t beats me.

As usual, I’m waiting on the Creator to make it plain.


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