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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm thinking

...It might not actually bother me so much if the markets keep going deeper into shit and I get laid off. I already have a plan that involves, bum rushing someones couch for a few months, putting on a uniform and slinging some burgers and beer.

Sometimes I miss the camraderie and free flowing schedule of it all.

...I really don't want to be a homeowner right now (its besides the point that debt and possible job loss make it a kinda awful idea.) I have been talking about buying a house for what seems like forever as others get married or rush into buying something that either takes a lot of work or is way too expensive. I don't even know where home is right now--and when I buy I want to feel like I ain't going nowhere no time soon.

...Baltimore is the Broke Man's Brooklyn. Its still got ethnic flavor, distinct neighborhoods, and strange slow moving gentrification that makes it welcoming. I like it...a lot. But the people? Particularly, my people? Man, they suck. And nothing can replace the actual Brooklyn.

...Dating at my age blows. I feel like the only people left out here are brothers with way too many babies and not enough jobs, want to be pimps, and people who either aint got the sense God gave them, or have turned into Bitter Brother Women haters. I think I am going back to celibacy 'fo I end up stabbing some dude.

...I really want a dog. A little dog. I always wanted to buy an English bulldog and name it Otis. But I'm thinking a pug or puggle name Rufus might work too!

...I need to go out and dance more. I went out on Saturday (and was home by midnight...what kind of fuckery?!) and felt like I couldn't find the groove. I used to be THE KING SHIT on the floor--I felt like a bum.

...twenty more pounds and I might attract that white dude my cousins have been waiting to hear I'm marrying. Of course, I don't know who that dude is, but perhaps its worth a try.

...I need to come up with better shit to say on this blog.

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  • At 10:50 AM, Blogger The Ink said…

    yeah, yall can have that 9-5 ish.

    It is indeed a mess out there. Glad I am inhere where its warm.


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