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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Man! Get out my house!

Okay, so listen. I love my chocolate people. I really do. But as my very good and sometimes sadiddy girlfriend says..."some of my people make me feel like I just cleaned my house from top to bottom and they came by and messed it up. Like family--you get mad but you can't do nothing about 'em."

Maaaaaan! Did that come across my mind this A.M?! I strolled into my local underground deli/liqour store on my way down into the train to grab a toasted bagel with egg and cheese and a little OJ to jump start the day. As usual, I have to tell the lady about 4 times that I would like my bagel toasted before she hears me. But no mind, its a hot Fall day, and by now I am used to it. Its always chaotic behind the register--and as a former restaurant "professionale" I feel her pain. This older brother is leaning up against the counter. Quite distinguished. Clearly works for NYC other finest--the MTA (we'd be screwed for real without 'em) and he is cha-chillin waiting for his sandwhich. He looks my way as I am gently trying to remind the lady that I would like my bagel toasted and smiles. I smile back and make a gesture like "what can you do?" Which he totally misreads. And all the sudden the man who appeared to be professional and courteous becomes the dirty old man.

He looks at me again and he says, "What's up? Why you looking at me that way?" "What way? I was just smiling.", I say, and I start to look away. Before I can fully turn my head, he says "Well, you never know. There is a possibility. Now you got me looking--more than I was before. You just let me know." Eeew.

Minding mine.

I walk up to the counter to pay for my purchase--and notice the big ass wedding ring on his finger as I overhear him say something to the woman behind me that is even more inappropriate. Double eew.

But then he becomes the crazy ass inappropriately angry dirty old brother.

The woman across the counter attempts to give the man his change from his order. She give's him back $1.50. And bruh man flips out. At first, its just with unneccessary impatience that he tell her he gave her a $10 and not a $5. So the woman asks the manager to run the tape and count the drawer. After this is done. The money is right. The lady tries very nicely to offer to recount--but now bruh man is hollering. " I didn't give you know $5 all I had was 3 $10's and $100 bill. I want my money." Screaming. Got his hand in the lady's face. The he starts using all kinds of muuhfuccka's at her. Called the woman a bitch. And she is steady trying to calm dude down. Then he flips the coffee that was on the window off on to the floor and splashes it on a police officer--nearly.

Now, bruh man calms down...somewhat. And the cop tells him to get over the $4.50 and get on his bus and go on. Now this dumb ass in the cops face.

As they hand me my bagel and OJ, I can't help but feel more angry then I should have at his behavior. Embarrassed like he was some kin to me or something. I wanted to cuss his tail out. That is what I wanted to do.

I simply walked the other way.



  • At 7:32 PM, Blogger soumynona said…

    I feel your pain. I feel like sometimes I have to justify all the wrongs of my people, and not that our wrongs are more egregious than any other races' but bc of the crazy stereotypes out there about us, I feel like our deeds especially the wrong ones are amplified

  • At 9:39 AM, Blogger So...Wise...Sista said…

    Whats worse is when OTHER people try to force the black burden on you. Like, 'Ohmigosh, so what do you think of OJ, Mike Vick, Marion Jones, Isaiah Washington, Flavor Flav??'lol


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