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Monday, July 30, 2007

Jamaica, Jamaica

I was going to wax philosophical about the plight of the darker nation through out the African Diaspora--as I have been to Trinidad, Tobago, Jamaica, and Cuba this year, but today (particularly since I am re-reading The Emperor of Ocean Park) I'm a little down in the dumps about the state of my fellow folks of colour, the fact that I am 30 and feel like I am way behind, and its to hot to think that hard. Instead, I decided to reflect on the trip with two of my closest home girl, who, until we sat down in a foreign nation had never met in person.

I have to admit, I was quite worried about the trip. The planning of the trip was a grand monumental disaster. 45 Negroes expressed interest, and as I expected, most of them could neither get their money right or commit to a party in paradise. No mind, though. I was determined to go, hell or high water, celebrate the Durty 30 in Paradise. Two of my home girls felt the same. One is my ride or die partner in mischief. The other, a soldier in reaching the goals she set for herself when we were children--regardless of divorce, poverty, and raising two kids on her own.

I have been on extended vacations with folks in the past who by the end of the trip you can't stand them. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that I love these two women more after the trip than I did before. Even though, during the trip I wanted to kill Ms. Road Dawg and wanted to put a muffle on Ms. Achiever.

Why? Because, regardless of the fact that I have not lived near Ms. Achiever since we were 16--and often go months (though not in the last couple years) without catching up, and that Ms. Road Dawg and I parted as roommates on strained terms 6 years ago, they probably know me best, support me the most, and always show up.

They are such positive women, who know how to have a good time. None of that we have to go everywhere in a group, agree on every activity, and eat at the same time. We did things together. We did things separately. We had a brief moment of beef that we promptly worked out--when Ms. Road Dawg left the resort without telling us where she was going and came back late morning the next day.

I am surprised to say, that I can't wait to go on a vacation with them again--God willing--this time next year to celebrate Ms. Achiever's arrival in old age.


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