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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Sky is Falling

"So, is the landlord finally taking the drop ceiling down? Or did the sky just fall?" "Huh? I know he's supposed to do it. But not until this weekend." " Well there is a big pile of rubble on the floor and its all over your clothes."

Um...what!!!!! So I went home, with baited breath both to assess whether my roommate, who has a penchant for the over dramatic was, indeed, being over dramatic, or if the ceiling had indeed collapsed all over my meager belongings. I also needed to pack for my impending vacation.

And to my dismay/surprise, the drop ceiling tiles had partially collapsed on the floor and were exposing the sub floor of the apartment above me, and also exposed to me that the idiot who previously owned the house was a cheap and untalented handyman who put up the ceiling rather than hire someone to fix the damn plaster.

I climbed over the pile and went into the bedroom and collapsed on the bed and sobbed. Its bad enough my roommates are a pain but now this.

I picked myself up. Called the landlord. Gathered some stuff that I hope matched, and marched out the door.

Oh, Vacation, thank God for you!


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