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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Chose Your Own Adventure

Monday, I was moving to Baltimore. Wednesday? I might be moving to the 'Nolia. You? Perplexed. Me? Seriously confused.

It all started when I started looking for jobs in community development finance outside of NYC. It has become apparent in my old age that my quality of life in NYC sucks--and probably always will. I want to be a home owner not an apartment owner. And here, as is probably pretty obvious, nothing short of 6 figures, or marriage to someone earning six figures, or accepting the fact that you will have roommates if you are single for the rest of your natural born life (okay maybe a little exaggeration here--but not much) will make your life easier.

I already left once before and went through 3 years of withdrawal. But then again DC is not an easy place to get used to--particularly since there is the ever looming ego and largess of its transplanted residents as well as the native born--because it is the home of the roots of US cockiness--the American Government. But I been back for two years and realize the relative ease (even with my past penchant for attracting drama) of life in the District spoiled me. And though I am doing NY better second time around--gotta go. I guess I won't get to live in Brooklyn after all.

I got offered a position for a financial intermediary half way between DC and B'more. Then I got offered the chance to be Director of Real Estate here in NYC for a non-profit. After getting over the prestige of the title of the last job and pondering the quality of life that I would have wearing 30 hats and commuting from JC to damn near the Bronx, I was ready to chose the job in MD. Even if it was a lateral move (and one should try to avoid those), it pays much better, I could live in B'more and next year buy a house (and a bulldog named Otis)and be close to the BF and my friends.

But then the night before I was to say yes, an email showed up from the same company--but on the non-profit side for a position I really wanted down South. And the confusion begins again. Definitely not a lateral move. We talking moving up to the East side on this one here.

No I have not officially been offered the 'Nolia job. Yes, I am worrying in advance. Its my way. Right now, the non-profit side is negotiating with the for-profit side to buy me sometime to finish the interview process and to make a decision on the for-profit position. The non-profit SVP called me at nearly 11 PM to ask me about speaking to HR today, and she told me they would have an answer for me by the end of the day.

Um, I guess its nice to be wanted.


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