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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Crack is Wack

So, you know, in general crack is wack. I mean all of its forms. In its original form, it devestated our urban centers. It decimated peoples confidence in their community, in their neighbors, and most significantly in whether or not the government gave a damn or was in C-O-N spiracy with the fools it brought it in to certain areas by the carload.

But now technology has produced a new kind of completely legal crack, and it is totally supported by the "commerce never sleeps" crowd. (Before you bash my head in, I am all for efficiency and the advancement of commerce--otherwise I wont be able to one day purchase the FX35 ) Look at, for instance, the Blackberry, a.k.a the "crackberry". The damn thing is giving people additional license to be generally rude in the name of commerce--in a meeting, over dinner, even in the club on the dance floor. And good gracious, you better call an ambulance if they leave it at home/car/airport or break it/lose it or are kindly asked to stop that incesant "thumbing".

Its not like the cell phone didn't already give us something to be addicted to that was crazy. While some of us use them wisely and at appropriate times and places. And still others simply use it as a license to front like a mo-fo. For others, it's a real freaking problem. The cell phone was the old crack. But now that you can get a phone and a blackberry togther? Sheee-it. The level of "crackish" behavior gets taken to the next level. It might be time for some folk to check the hell in somewhere.

Crack might be wack. But I think I might have to join the "perfectly legal crack club" of technology. This blog, I think is my crack. And that's both a terrible and wonderful thing.There is something sublimely therapuetic about sharing my random thoughts with a world full of like-minded folk (I think.). But see, Its got me up late at night. I find myself at work, between proformas and spreadsheets, thinking "I wonder if so-and-so has posted something new." or " I gotta write this thought down on a post-it, so I can post it".

Okay, I will admit that blogging is not necessarily new to me. I failed at my other attempts because I just wasn't in the "write" state of mind. There are at least 5 blogs out there right now, that I started and never really did anything with... I should probably go delete the things. Now, I'm open like Wal-mart on Black Friday.

I am not abandoning this post, 'cause this one's the joint, and hear withdrawl is a real mo-fo.


  • At 10:47 PM, Blogger DP said…

    Blogging will get at you like that. Iam glad to see you off and after it.

    Dont let it burn you out though.

    Just enjoy it.


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