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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It Ain't Over till WE THE PEOPLE say so!

This morning, I was upset, angry, and pretty frigging hopeless about the future in politics. This morning I woke up and listened to the incessant loop about Dr. Jeremiah Wright's incendiary remarks and the upcoming speech about the issue from Senator Obama, and couldn't help feeling like "See, all of this hope for nothing."

Then I woke up and drank some more "kool-aid".

S.O has dodged, with courage and conviction so many bullets that could have undone him -- that could have turned him into the "black candidate", the "angry black man" candidate, "the sexist making deals with all the boys in the back room candidate". I forgot that every time I get a little nervous about the whole thing, he makes me more proud than ever that I have given quite a bit of money to his campaign, volunteer time going forward, and have helped others become politically active, regardless of their individual leanings.

Clearly, if this makes me nervous, I don't need to run for national office.

Whether the speech he gave to day quashes the various tomfoolery about him or those who who have been brandishing his racial, ethnic, or spiritual heritage like its a dirty rag, I am proud. And if "It is almost like white America is daring him to brandish his ghetto pass in front of the whole world.", then he did it DAMN well in my opinion.


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