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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dear Ohio...

I was born of you and from you. And even though I grew up on the east coast--my Midwest roots color everything I do. I chose my career path because my grandfather told many stories of your greatness--prior to the decline of manufacturing--and of your greatness--largely ignored during the worst of times. I spend alot of energy defending your virtue against the naysayers--of which you know there are alot.

We pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and keep it moving. When we don't have bootstraps we push as hard as we can through the heels of our worn to the bone shoes and stand up straight and keep it moving.

We don't give up.
We are weary and cautious about folks from either coast who always seem to talk like they know us--though have never been, visited, or lived where we reside. Nor do they care to be aware of how much we have accomplished with so little--despite foreclosure, massive job loss, failing school systems, and if you were born in Northeast Ohio like me, miserable ass weather in the winter.

But lately, I am worried about you. Your drive is waning. Your faith is weary.

I say to you even though you are weary of slick suited fools from east and west coast megalopolis's--don't believe the hype. Don't let these same fools--carpetbaggers, folks who say they know better whats good for you better than you know.

Don't let us down this time. So many of us of have put our money and energy into this thing--many who never would have before. Don't discount that. Don't let some folks tell you that hoping and faith and the belief that we can all work together for the greater good is foolish.

Please. Feel free to hope this time. Think about all that has come your way via Washington, D.C. over the years. Job loss, foreclosure, corruption, no child left behind--that has left your children behind, sending your children disproportionately to Iraq. That's what experience has gotten you.

Perhaps you should be willing to try something else.

You guys have always had hope. Proceeded ahead despite of the bad times. You guys need hope again. You need to believe.

I hope you show your hope on March 4th.

Even if you don't, I love you anyway.


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