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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Giving it Up

My mama is Baptist. My daddy is Methodist. I learned how to sing in the Baptist church. I learned the classical versions of Negro spirituals in the Methodist Church. I questioned the validity of all those ladies hopping about at Baptist revival, and wondered why the Methodist Church had so many traditions similar to that of the Catholic Church--the lighting of certain candles, the ceremonious end to service in addition to the uncanny ability to sometimes put you to sleep during Sunday service.

All of that adds up to me being a Baptist with a penchant for Methodist traditions. Hence, the reason I try to practice Lent.

For Lent, the idea is sacrifice. In Catholicism you are to give up something for the lenten season--it is a very big part of it. In the Methodist Church it is more like encouraged--in the form of the Lenten Offering--an increasing sum of cash from Ash Wedenesday to Holy Friday (starting off at a $.25) and obligatory giving up of meat on Fridays. (It might be Grandfathers fried Catfish and Snapper that really makes me try.)

I try to practice it. Enevitably I forget. Like last year, I gave up French Fries and a week in someone gave me a GC to Pomme Fritte in NYC LES. A terrible moment of weakness.

Yeah, didn't last.

But this year, I am giving up the Holy Grail of all foods to me. Making up for years of half-stepping. The one food I will never turn down if offered. The hamburger.

Some would say I have a mild obsession. And recently , I realized that is probably wholly accurate. So Im giving it up...

After dinner at the Prime Rib tonight.


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