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Friday, March 14, 2008

Just like Your Favorite Old Uncle

Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright is in the news again. And if you have been a minority in this country of any nationality or race--there is some truth to it. I would say if you were born of the majority, it would be nearly impossible to identify, as the experience cannot be.

Funny. He is everywhere--and the story is a rehash from the same story Sean Hannity over at Fox has been spouting for months.

Guess we don't want to pick on poor former Senator Ferraro's racist behind any more. Its just not fair the way the "Obama campaign is attacking [her]."

Senator Obama compares his relationship with Dr. Wright to that of an old uncle you love very much--but every once in awhile says some outrageous stuff you just shake you head at.

And there are a bunch of us who relate to that comparison. And, seems to me its pretty accurate description.

Like my relationship with Ms. Juanita next door. Love the lady--she's like that stern "play grandma" in church. She keeps you on the right path--put every once in awhile her politics make you look at her like she's crazy. Like when she told me "I'm sorry but I don't give no black folks my business...I go straight to a white man." I was about to say something, but just like imagine BO doing with Dr. Wright, I just took it in and moved on.

And you know what, I know there have been more than a couple times, when I was sitting in church on Sunday and didn't agree with something in the sermon. So what? Does every Bush supporter agree with everything that comes out that fools mouth? Probably not.

So, WTF, does that mean?

How about we show this video.

Guess it wouldn't fit Sean Hannity's purpose--or spin.


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