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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Tipping Point

Yesterday, your girl here almost lost it. I was seething with anger. I probably left trails of it all over the blogosphere. The Dr. Wright drama had me angry. Obama's response to it made me sad. At first, I felt like the esteemed Senator threw his pastor under the bus. And in some way's he may well have. But what I realized is that he was hurt. And so is Dr. Wright. And both of them need some healing.

Clearly, Dr. Wright is most comfortable in front of the Southside nation> His repsonses in Q and A were clearly that of man who is sick and tired of having to explain himself to White folks and that some of that he lays squarely on the Senator's shoulder--which was wrong and unbecoming.

I'm with him on the sick and tired part. It's gotten too personal and too political for me. I guess I let myself return to naivety to think the "transcendence" would not have to face old realities.

Clearly, I need a break, so I won't be around these parts for a few days. But, you can still catch me over at the krib.


  • At 8:51 PM, Blogger Tyrone Malone said…

    Yo Jonzee!

    I feel you on this one, homegirl. You know Smooth Barack has got to be sick that it's come to this and I know Rev. J-Wright has been feelin' the sting since being 'uninvited' to give the benediction/convocation at Smooth's Presidential bid announcement.

    Politics is ROUGH, jack - especially when the Oval Office is on the line. No one gets spared except little kidz (and even Smooth's kidz got injected to this all sideways when the haters asked how he could have them goin' to Trinity and listenin' to the good Reverend.

    It's just sad all the way 'round....



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