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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tell Me Again How You Think I Should Feel?

Generally, I like Maureen Dowd...generally.

Except in most of her commentaries that come anywhere close to discussing race and/or ethnicity. Generally, she starts off objectively, recognizes the nuance of the situation, and comes through with an interesting take on the issue.

When it comes to discussions of racial and/or ethnic discourse, lately, she's been missing the mark.

This op-ed on Obama's speech yesterday, is one of those when I think she not only misses the mark, but insults the experiences of people of color, period. Yes, she says it was a remarkable speech, but what she also does is allude to how a person of color should feel or react to the complicated station they occupy in American history.

Such talk is patriarchial at best.

In order to have a true conversation about race and ethnicity in this country not only do we have to be mindful of our history, but we also have to be willing to put on the hat of empathy and try our best to understand where others are coming from--whether the preconcieved notions of others are real or not.

Until you hear me and others of color, and chose not to dismiss how we feel about our relationship to the larger American milieu, then the resentment will continue to build.

Perhaps, Ms. Dowd should go back and listen to the Senator's speech again.


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