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Monday, July 31, 2006

See what had happened was

I can't stand being pissy. So, I decided to recount some of the most memorable b-days. Here goes:

Year 5: I got a new hair-do and outfit and I got to help make and design a b-day cake for me. It was most memorable, because I was very particular about who I wanted to come to my party. I still had to invite little Iesha even though I couldn't stand her. 25 years later homegirl is like the little sister I never had.

Year 16: No I didn't get a fly whip. But my favorite cousins came up and cooked the fly spread for me and my 18 closest friends. We had a pool party and I fell in love with my High School Sweetheart. It turned into an intergenerational party complete with neighbors coming over to join in on the electric slide.

Year 21: 4 24oz glasses of Alligator tea(LIT with Midori and Grand Ma.)2 shots of tequila, and 3 rasberry kamikazis + 4 lap dances, 6 PDA's, 1 weave pull of a strangers hair (to see if it was real)and an argument with the boyfriend to let me lay down on the dance floor while proclaiming that I should be allowed to rest because I needed to rest my "rapping"voice = Worst Hang Over ever...but totally worth it.

Year 22: An innocent backyard BBQ in Staten Island turns into a 15 hour party complete with adult sleep over.

Year 25: My 1st ADULT b-day. I acted like a grown-ass women on the day i joined the quarter century club. I was given a cacophony of gifts, taken to a small french bistro where my grown-ass boyfriend (a first!) knew the chef. The chef prepared a special meal for us. The night ended with a massage and a little Anita Baker for further inspiration.

Year 30: ?????????? Lets just say...I'm sure I'll do it big, ya' heard?


  • At 11:08 PM, Anonymous viperteq said…

    sounds like some great b-days if you ask me.

    30 is usually a great b-day year from what i hear. i know mine was. maybe i'll blog about it sometime.

    all this talk your doing of b-day's know has me looking forward to mine. not sure what i'm gonna do for myself, but i think i'll come up with something by the 23rd.

    happy birthday again!!!

  • At 3:54 PM, Anonymous viperteq said…

    Hey for some reason your sbk email address is blocking my emails. I don't understand why. Do you have another email address?

  • At 12:50 AM, Blogger jameil1922 said…

    ahhhhh yeah! happy belated. i LOVE birthdays. mine is in 15 days!!!!!!!! :D so excited. i could absolutely do the bday recap thing. that would be mucho fun. stealin it! lol


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