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Friday, October 27, 2006

All dressed up and I'm kinda not sure I want to go

Man. I was THE halloween queen from 5 to 16. Then 16 came and I stopped. All the sudden I couldn't stand the idea of dressing up--perhaps hormonal imbalance combined with teenage angst kept me from the whole dress up thing. And it seems that many of my friends felt the same as we got older. Costumes? Hell no. I think I have been to one Halloween party since I have been grown (one I threw) and for the most part only my most over the top friends dressed up.

I think I am starting to feel the Halloween spirit again. In New York, Halloween might as well be Christmas and it is definetely affecting my desire to dress up. To that affect, tomorrow a bunch of my classmates are having a good old fashioned Halloween party. Costumes are a must. Originally, I was just going to wear a t-shirt that said "This is my "f-ing" costume", but as the bug continues to take hold I am becoming more enamored with the whole dressing up.

I have decided to be L'il John. Stay tuned for pics.


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