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Sunday, September 10, 2006

First days are the worst days

School started this past Tuesday. Last year, this time, I was so excited.After years, of wondering if and when I would go back, I got into school--with a fellowship. And though I was foolish enough to think I could take a full load and commute from DC to continue my part-time consulting gig, just the mere fact I was finally going, was so exciting.

This year? I'm like when is this crap over.

Second year of this program is supposed to get easier. But as usual, I have loaded up my plate and am trying to balance it on my lap while someone passes me the kool-aid. Some things, I thought would be easy and breezy my neezy. No. Last year my lab fellowship didn't do much. This year, it has curriculum and a real estate consulting project on the agenda. Last year, I avoided quantitative classes. This year, I have three-Quantitative Methods, Public Finance, and Real Estate Finance.

But that'sit right? Naw such a thang Miss Millie. On top of the quantitative classes and the finance lab work, I'm taking a practicum class that requires the development of a business plan for a social entreprenueur who has a product "concept" and marketng plan...but no actual product. Oh, and then there is the pressure of finding a gig, before all those annoying "I'm so fab" top 25 MBA's take to waxing that tail of anyone who wants to do finance and isn't in their club.

I need a nap.

Thank God, my time management skills have improved greatly. So at least I'll be able to catch a football game or two.


  • At 4:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    don't despair

    the second year of graduate school is always the worst...the newness has worn off and after spending a summer out in the real world doing your thang you feel like being in school is a waste of your obvious intellect :)

    this too will pass!


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