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Monday, December 25, 2006

A Wonderful Life

'07 will be my 31st year on this earth--I will leave my 20's behind. My theme song will be Jay-Z's "30 Something". I will go to Jamaica to act like I have lost my mind for a week. .

For all the excitment of exiting the 20's and the drama of bad relationships, partying too much, and having my head in the clouds--I think the current crop of fools in their 20's are much worse off than me or my friends were. I find myself sitting around with my fellow old asses, looking at these fools in their early and mid 20's like they done fell out of a tree and bumped their damn heads. The coonery and buffoonery these fools seem to have latched on to has me dreaming of inciting the largest "intervention" on the behalf of sane black folks everywhere--off to rehab and deprogramming these little nucca's need to go.

If I remeber correctly, in the 80's and 90's the idea was we all wanted to be more original than the other. Uniqueness--especially if you were a city kid was in. Conformity was not. Now its white tee's, grills, and throwing dollars in the air at the club cause some fool's rap song talks about it.

For this new year I wish for many things. Peace. A significant slow down in global warming. A boyfriend so I can quash the "maybe she is a lesbian" rumor... But most of all I wish for some overwhelming sense of pride, drive, and desire to change the world not just conspicuosly consume bullshit, to overtake the lost ones in their 20's.

May the new year bring the revolution that many of have been praying for.


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