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Thursday, January 03, 2008

How's that Working Out for You?

People been asking me alot lately how I like my new gig. My response to the question has shocked and surprised me. I think I am finally a grown up.

I knew when I took this gig that in someways it would be a lateral move--not money wise but title/duty wise. I know its only been a month--and the technical savvy that I continue to hone will be useful--I need to manage people, projects, and travel a bit. But the good thing I can say is that I am not in panic to roll out this time. With it being just a job, if gives me time to put into my own shit. I just know that by mid-2009 I gotta be moving on to the next opportunity. Its time for me to do me.

So, I guess this post will also serve as my annual "What I'm going to get done" this year post. In doing so, that means I gotta look back on the list of what I was supposed to do in 07. How convenient.

1) I'm still going to go to law school. For some reason, folks think I have been in school for ever. Maybe because for 8 years I talked about going back to grad. But just to set the record straight, I have not been in school forever--I took an 8 year break, damn it.

Why law school? More choices. Having a legal background, if you want to be a developer can do nothing but help. And if I become lazy, I'm going settlement attorney--9-5 and a good 6 figs a year. (and do my own development on the side)

2) Get my finances in great working order so I can buy some real estate.

My favorite white man suggested I make my own living quarters my first project. My objective is to buy a boarded up 2 or three unit--and rehab the hell out of it. That shouldn't be a problem finding in B'more.

3) Lose at least 15lbs.

I swear, for the last two years I have had this goal. Was doing pretty good while in school--but then the stress of life with idiot roommates, crappy paying jobs, compounded with the daily dose of living in NY metro--I plateued.

4) Be a better girlfriend.

Um, I'm mean and evil. I get it from--well you know. I don't know why, but I just feel this need to pick on him sometimes. Im vying to not do that shit this year. Cause as sweet, and kind, and teddy bearish as he is, he is also no punk--and I am sure I will get the cuss out if I keep it up. Why crap on a good thing, ya' know?


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