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Monday, August 11, 2008

Toys [ain't] more

This grown folks shit is for the birds. Bills. Responsibilities. Appointments. Mortgages and crap. Who signed me up for this? I mean really. I want my money back...

Since I turned 4 nearly two weeks ago,(that is 3+1 for you simple muuufuuccas)the "wow, I'm really grown and shit", has really been on my mind. I mean, just a couple of weeks ago I was in the ATL taking a young woman on her college tours, and I found myself acting like mama--making sure she asked the good questions, that she got to see the most important people, finding out about the money factor. I gave her advice whilst trying to be very conscious of the lecture tone (GAWD knows I hated that shit when I was teen.)

And I swear I hear a damn clock ticking--though just a month and half ago I was in Chucky Cheese ready to hide under a table from all those little monsters running amok. Thanks to my LS--who made it painfully clear that our difference in age afforded her the time to putz about on the kid thing. Sheeit--I ain't birthin' no babies till their is a ring (ahem...a wedding ring on my finger.) But the clock is messing with me and lets just say ain't no suitors lurking about so I better put some eggs on ice or something.

I can't even kick it late on the reg anymore. Bedtime for me is all early and crap. I had my PJ's on at 11:30 and was asleep by midnight (with the added help of the "liquid painkiller"--Navy Sailor 92 proof--good lookin' Wise). I mean, on my damn b-day, the celebration was over by 10--I was in bed by 11:30--on a Saturday. What kind of fuckery is that nonsense?!?

But the worst thing, is that my fool ass finally decided to apply to law school and stop bullshittin'. Average age of a fool in the law programs I am interested in? How about like 23.75--what in THE hell? Guess, this old poodle's gonna have to dust off those Beer Pong skills and skill the hootchies on mack mastering...(now where the hell is my cane?!)


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