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Friday, June 30, 2006

Bustin' Loose

Boys and Girls, I am headed to the District tomorrow. I must be a masochist, cause that damn place treated me like a red-afro'd step child.

I'm sure it will be swamp-ass hot. And the brothers will roll out their best slouch socks and jean jackets with cartoon character airbrush on the back tomorrow so they can look good for Chuck (Yeah the 80's ended 20 years ago, but not in the classy fashion world of the native Washingtonian.)

Half the fun, is knowing that even at my worst I am still better dressed.

So, off to the plantation of good guh'ment jobs and righteous republican indignation I go. I'll be sure to bring you all back a tee-shirt that reads "Hell hath no fury like an angry white man on the Hill"


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