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Friday, June 30, 2006

"And Still I Rise..."

...But today I fell. Right into the trap of a regularly scheduled person of non-color with the some non-colored folks' opinion that "Blacks need to get over it"

I know I should have just gone to Chickie's website, chuckled at the stupidity and moved on...But alas, I did not.

I think the fire started when I got called colored yesterday so...

I went there...

Sarcasm and name calling...Yeah, I left my rational self on the corner of East 105 and St. Clair and told that fool that pretty much...She was a fool.

I even told her that she should feel blessed, because God loves idiots and babies. Yeah, uh huh, that's right...I had a shiningly proud moment.

Of course, It ain't like I ain't heard the shit before. I hear it in school. And I especially heard it when I was behind the bar. Although, cash flow depended on rationality, I schooled a few while making it seem like schucking and jiving with booze.

Yet, today I was tired. I am tired of hearing some folk, especially those who don't know, interact, live near, or have relationships with people of color tell me what I should or should not feel from their place of permanent privilege. Willie Lynch and the Lynch mob can still be vividly remember by the Boomers and their parents. Its like these folks who think slavery and its socio-economic reprecussions should be layed to rest--though the reprecussions visibly ripple through society. Some actually purport that the moment slavery and then segregaton ended every white person....


became caring, genuine, tolerant, and felt everyone was created equal...

Its a curious thing, then, that so many white people almost immediately divested from their urban ethnic unclaves and centers and moved further and further out to the hinterlands to get away from the coloreds.

Maybe it was just the smell of the collard greens and chitlins they wanted to get away from.


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