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Thursday, July 06, 2006

I.(ve) B.(een) M.(oved)

I went to the District this weekend- and it caused me to reflect on all the places I have been. I have lived in 8 states and two countries. I have visted nearly 80% of the states in the US.

As the child of a lifetime IBM'er, I moved a great deal and had to say goodbye a lot. When I got grown--the need to move became a little irrational for awhile. It has gotten to the point to where people just say "where are you now---do you plan to sit still?" Yeah...I think that is next. I'm going to go sit my butt down somewhere for a good while...

Yet, what I learned from moving is invaluable, and the rules can be applied to personal crap to a much greater degree than many of us "frequent movers" may acknowledge. So as a reminder, here are the rules to remember:

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The Rules to Getting out of Dodge Quickly
1) Start when you first know it is time to go. That way no need to be overwhelmed.
2) Make sure you have plenty of boxes and seperate the good stuff and bad stuff by labeling them clearly.
3) Some stuff you don't want but somebody else might--dont be an indian giver because you don't want to give it away. Let it go. Move on.
4) Get rid of the stuff you dont need. As it becomes crunch time you will be surprised at how much you realize you dont need.
5) Be prepared to complete the task by yourself.
6) Don't sit around pining about how much you will miss the place. Say goodbye and roll out. It just drags it out longer when you start boo-hooing and shit.

I mean, it seems quite apparent that the rules could apply to anything as you move and grow in life.

It is the application of these rules that can be a bitch.

For example--rule # 1, is probably the most important. Start early. When we know that something just isn't right with someone in our lives or with a situation we are in, often, we dont fix it. We cry about it, or we leave it be and wallow in it. Start early and time wasted is avoided. In moving my growth ahead I had to get my "captain save-a____" in check. Some folks cant be saved from their neurosis and I knew that it was time to at least distance myself but I went ahead and dragged it on. I mean there was time in my life where every woman I got to know had Daddy and anger issues and all the brothers "had unrealized potential" Though I learned alot--some wasted time could have been nixed.

Why not make the load lighter? When you get to where you are going, unpacking is going to be a bitch if you have no space to store it?


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