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Monday, August 28, 2006

I took a man to dinner

I wanted to ask him out. I was getting the "he likes me" vibe, so after we hung out a few times,and he couldn't go to the Brown's game, this past Thursday I took him to dinner instead. I paid. I had a feeling he felt awkward about it, but we had a great time. I noticed he chose to be on the frugal side when ordering even though I said have what you want. I mean it wasn't like there was lobster on the menu (Strategically arranged, you see. I said I wanted to take him to dinner...not break the bank). Even though he seemed a little uneasy about me paying, the conversation was much that it went on to drinks elsewhere.

It was not until last night that he told me that he always pays and expects to do as such. That he felt uncomfortable about me paying. He alluded to wondering if I was the type of woman who does not appreciate that kind of thing. I told him no, I just wanted to do it. I didn't say it, but I was thinking when I asked, that he might be gun shy about asking me out because I live somewhere else. And he confirmed over dinner that all of the "quality women[he has] meet live out of town."

Well, in the end, we laughed about it. At we agreed that the next time I am home, he is doing the wining and dining...and paying.


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