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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

When in doubt

So, I called late yesterday evening. Left a message. And I know I should not be worried about it, but as I mentioned my MOJO and I have been on the outs so...

And there is no need for it. I mean, I don't get worried if I call a friend and it takes a few days for them to get back to me. He's a teacher and a football coach and school starts next week. Hella busy probably does not begin to describe it.

Sheeeit, folks call me and I don't often get a chance to call them back the same day, often even the next day--and it rarely has anything to do with me not wanting to talk to them. So, what makes this phone call any different?

One word.


I admit it. I am a control freak. I like to be able to both predict and manage the outcome. This "I like you. Go out with me." stuff puts emotions right out on front street. I am an ENTP, I need feedback, dammit!

I am impatient. I want what I want when I want it. And we all know that life doesn't play that.

But I try very hard not to be that way. I have learned to harness these traits into positive approaches to situations, but sometimes the negative side of them is hard to control.

While I gracefully keep my foot on the neck of 'internal bugging", right now, when it comes to, "the possibilities" (see Love Jones), I admit I am wondering if I screwed it up and should have waited the damn 48 hours.


  • At 5:27 PM, Blogger Oscar In Louisville said…

    I want to say this as lovingly as I can - my arm around you in a big-brotherly kind of way - and point out one small, teensy-weensy, infinitesimal problem. You said that you need feedback, that your are impatient, that you want what you want when you want it. And yet you made him wait 48 hours to hear back from you? It might sound crazy, but it might be a better idea in the future to just do you instead of trying to abide by some arbitrary 48-hour standard - if dude feels like you're crowding him then he'll let you know, and that's probably not a dude that you'd want to invest significant amounts of yourself into anyway. If he's feeling you and you get right back to him then that tells him that you take him seriously. If, OTOH, he sees you as game to be pursued and devoured then he might respect the game you play, but in the end you'll be nothing more than a two-piece with some bisquits.

    I'm pulling for you, hoping that this thing blossoms into everything that you've prayed for in your journal. Just be true to yourself, true with him, and most of all, true before Him.

  • At 11:10 PM, Blogger Jonzee said…

    Thanks, Oscar. My momentary bug-out is over.

    He called.

    Now that I have remembered the ultimate MOJO lesson "Control your MOJO, don't let the MOJO control you." I think I am in the clear.

  • At 5:08 PM, Blogger G. Cornelius Harris said…

    (shaking head)

    I'll keep you posted


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