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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Teacher

He's attractive, smart, and well-mannered. He is a good friend to his friends and would give them the shirt off his back if needed. His students respect and admire him. He loves his family and has a close relationship with both of his parents. He dotes on his nieces and nephews. He has no children of his own--but is excited about the idea of being a father and getting married. He is an INTJ but loves to be social when the time is right.

Altogether, he is everything I asked for in my notebook

And after our first solo date, he asked me to call so we could do it again.

I am on the fence.


Maybe its because, although I have written a number of prayers and thoughts in that notebook, and have never once given it a second thought; saying to myself, "I asked for it, now leave it up to Him.", on this one, I seem to lack faith in the possibility that it might even be in His plan for me.

Maybe, it's because when I decided to ask him out, my mother gave me the "what? Are you desperate?" talk. (which consists of, "I hope you didn't ask him out. That just seems so desperate. Men should do the asking.") And as much, as I want to say I am a "modern woman", I have to admit, I took it to heart--for about 30 seconds. And then a few more hours, while I asked myself if such an action wreaked of desperation? Or was it taking one's life in one's hand rather than waiting for the phone to ring?

Maybe, it's because I feel like my MOJO's on the fritz and was reaching permanently-broken status. Yet, from the vantage point where I have sat when it comes to the supposed lack of single life in Cleveland, I have been complemented and given more numbers than I have in at least a year. Even though, it seems like the MOJO might have come back online, I'm not sure it is really working, or if the moon is still full.

Maybe, it's because in less than 10 days, I will go back to NYC, and the man that I am so impressed by will be here, and we have only gone out once (though we have chatted for hours at a time a few times) and might only go out once or twice before I leave. So, in some ways it feels like "what's the point?"

Maybe, it's because I feel like I have been out of the dating game so long that I am unsure of how to exercise the rules. Yesterday, I called three of my girlfriends to ask them what I should do now. I even called my cousin who knows him well and asked her what she thought.

But...after all that reflection and random advice collection, I will call, since the invitation was given.

That is, after I observe the "48 hour" rule of course.


  • At 12:24 PM, Anonymous viperteq said…

    Screw the 48 hour rule! See that's why ya'll wonder why we're not interested any more when you do call: it's cause you took too dang on long to call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (for the extra emphazise. Anyway....). If you are so impressed by him, CALL HIM! Dude, could be your soulmate. You did say that he was everything that you asked for in your Notebook, right? CALL HIM!!!! So what you'll be in NY in a week or me, if he's feeling you, trust me he'll make the trip. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman asking a man out. Two of the best relationships that I ever had werr with women that approached me first. Glad that they did cause if they hadn't I wouldn't have so many good things from and about them. Call him. TODAY. NOW. NOT NOW, BUT RIGHT NOW. Let him know that you enjoyed his company and that you look forward to going out with him again. You don't have to talk for hours. Just ten or fifteen minutes is plenty.

  • At 5:11 PM, Blogger Oscar In Louisville said…

    Yeah, what viperteq said. Besides, if old boy is an INTJ then you need to call him before you finish reading this response - trust me when I tell you that you don't want to know the potential scenarios that are currently wrecking havoc on his mind while you make him wait. In 48 hours a brother can conclude that he isn't desired and move on, transitioning a sister from "The One" to "This Chick I Knew" faster than yesterday becomes tomorrow.

    Have you called him yet, or are you willing to become some chick he knew back in the day? Call him!


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