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Monday, August 28, 2006

And now for today's update

Oscar asked me whether I had yet made a choice about whether to come home or stay away. And the answer is, we will see. I am definetely going to make a concerted effort at it. I am leaning more towards than against. I have nearly 11 years of big city "excitement". A little peace and easiness might not be so bad.

More signs are saying stay than not. For instance, on my last day of work, I was talking to one of the bank customers who happens to be a Senior Analyst for a very big midwest bank. She offered up a recruiter contact and told me that she was part of the Diversity recruitment efforts. Though I have not heard back from the contact, I will be meeting the bank customer at the National Black MBA Conference in Atlanta.

Then there is the housing market. Though it is turning into a buyers market nation wide, it truly is one here. While I cannot buy some of these nifty four floor townhomes with all the amenities, here I can by a foreclosed two family, rehab it, and rent out part. That means built in equity and somebody paying most of the mortgage.

Then there is the market for young urban professionals to meet and greet and have a good time without the boo-ghetto bull. I keep hearing how Cle needs one. I already have a partnership in mind. I have my eye on two places that were recently renovated with equipment. So minimum cosmetics needed. They didn't fail because of market they failed because some negro's know too much for their own good.

So, those are the signs. But, I am not putting all my eggs in one basket. Did that was not fun at all.


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