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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The E-fficiency of E-Dating

It is not a surprise in this day and age of the Crackberry and various and a sundry other gadgets that make communication both significantly easier and in some ways significantly less personal that the advent of e-dating and finding the love of your life via internet is growing. What has been a widely popular means of dating amongst the majority is gaining significant steam amongst the those in the digital divide--otherwise known as black folks. Why just in the last issue of Essence was an article about how to get a date and the great things one can find on various e-dating sites geared for black folk.

I personally have always been leary of the whole thing. Though I did have an interesting, albeit brief with a Puerto Rican/Pakistani brother the one time I tried it, there is something about the whole thing that seems unnatural, perhaps even a bit desperate. I prefer the whole personal interaction thing. But as I mentioned, life is all about efficiency, and these days, the business of life can keep you from focusing on trying to pick up some cat at the mall, at the club, or at church on Sunday morning.

So, I am trying it. Even though my girl just went out on an e-harmony date with a brother who turned out to be some real Beautiful mind type of brother who has no friends and a big chip on his shoulder--I have gone ahead and put up a profile.

I'll keep you posted. And don't worry, I have pocket knife and a mean right hook for anyone who tries to break fool on me.


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