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Friday, January 19, 2007

Talk aint so cheap

If you have been following the travails of my life through this blog, you may have already noticed that I am somewhat of a worrier--and have a flair for the unneccessarily dramatic at times. All of which is centered around my complete lack of patience. When we last visited my life, we talked about the teacher. Though much of what was discussed is the same--he's leery of long distance relationships and he's displayed some insecurities about me in the context of distance, it's amazing what happens when you go head first into asking the "what's up with you?" question.

Now we all know there are two big ways the "what's up with you?" question can turn out when it comes to romance. A bigger falling out--possibly a breakup; or a makeup and maybe even makeout session. Well, the teacher and I aren't that far along for either scenario, so its more like-1) we are friends 2) lets just see where this goes. I decided to stop being a punk and face it head on. And since I believe there is some truth to the whole astrology thing (Im a Leo. He's a Cancer) I figured I would take the star chart's advice (with some salt sprinkled in.) and go straight at him, since Cancer's like to go at things sideways.

To sum up the conversation, I make him nervous. Just like he does me. He has a hard time reading me, because I tend to hang in the background when he invites me places--rather than be up in the front. And sometimes, I don't bother to say what's on my mind. He's never--since college--hung out with a chick who will just go off and make her own fun if he gets involved in a conversation I am no longer interested in. He hinted that he got a little jealous of my relatively long conversation with the dude at Bujhetto's. I reminded him that just as he is involved in the restaurant business--and people want to talk to him all the time, I too was in the business and have dated some managers and owners and know the deal. I can stand there. Or I can find a conversation that is interesting. He seems to understand that does'nt mean I'm not feeling him.

And as far as the end of the month is concerned? Yes--he wants to see me. And he wishes I would stop asking that everytime I come home.


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