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Thursday, May 10, 2007

...then what the hell you have kids for???

I am a maternalistic fool. My line name wasn't grand Mah ma KJ for nothing. I have always had an uncanny raport with children. My sisters kids, who she deems unruly think I am the coolest mo fo on the block and they know I don't take no stuff. Jonzee just loves the kiddies (as long as they ain't mine).

So my love for the kiddies (and perhaps that damn clock ticking now that I am officially about to graduate) has made me want to hang out with other people's children more often. But, see, I picked the kid who's parents are fucking her up for life (excuse my francais).

So here is the story. I started dating a guy who is acquaintances with this couple who have a 3 year old little girl. She can barely communicate and most of the time they are two busy "entertaining" and smoking the cheeb to pay any attention to her other than to yell at her. Every weekend they are on the road to go hang out with various friends in their social group. EVERY WEEKEND. Unless the money is funny. And if they ain't on the road they at home throwing a party or having folks over. On top of that, because they like to kick it, they will damn near hand their child off to anyone willing to take her. With them, she screams alot, runs, breaks stuff. A terror.

Needless to say, the mother in me suggested to the Beau that we offer to take the child out with another friend of our's child--the exact opposite of the neglected girl so that she might have some exposure to children her age (oh did I forget to mention that the daddy is home all day while mama works with the child--no preschool for her) For she is clearly a smart child--who probably has not had access and clearly has a speech issue. The other child is 4, smart as a whip, perceptive, and has a flair for the dramatic. Her parents have taken a serious interest in everything she is exposed to in life. They endured the crazy NYC public school lottery to get her into the best kindegarten that was in a diverse school with lots of programs. They take her on regular cultural and educational outings to enrich her, and have created a disciplined and very smart little person.

We took her to the zoo. She was timid around the other children. We went to play in Prospect Park. She was shy at first and then discovered the slide. She finally got used to the other children who readily tried to engage her and she did somewhat, though she was clearly used to being alone.

And guess what, she was no terror. She was an angel. And now I have a spot in my heart for her. I know she is not my kid. And I do not purport to even attempting to get her parents to do right by her. But I have time and a little bit of cash to spend on the child. Plus they'll give her away whenever.

The question is if you don't want to be bothered. Why bother. The daddy got 4 sons...elsewhere. And the mama had a baby REAALLLY young. And they don't do any different with them. Did it seem like a cute idea to have another one, and that got old fast. And they got the nerve to want more.

My question is, is it okay for me to continue to engage the child as long as I don't try to change the status quo at home. Or should I watch her whither away from across the driveway????


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