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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Transitioning out of Transition-Part Deux!

At the beginning of each new year, I, as do many others, review my year in the life of me. This year, I started by choosing 7 goals to accomplish in 07--my 31st year of life. After all, this is the year I turn 30 and rather than freak out I decided to take Jay's lead. 30 is definetely my new 20--but with a lot more sense then when I was actually 20. All that being said, I think it is time for a mid-year review to see how I am faring.

Goal 1: Making something happen with "The Teacher"--I think he is the one and I need to be patient to see that through

Unless this is the first post you have read here, you already know that this goal went horribly aray after I wrote it down. Is that a good thing? Prolly so. I am instead in a relationship with a man I am horribly in love with...horribly. The man makes this control freak give up control--and not in a bad way. He is the sweetest, most caring and thoughtful man I have ever met--for that matter ever dated. Oh and if you wondering about the sex...good lawd he puts it down in that department so well that I...

Okay, is it hot in here or is it just me???

Oh, yeah and he's handsome, well-spoken and gainfully employed too.

Goal 2:Graduating with Honors and deferring law school.

Accomplished. I graduated with a 3.7 GPA (probably a 3.65 cause I went ahead and sacrificed one class for the sake of sanity) and as far as law school is concerned, I just might go ahead and apply and then defer.

Goal 3:significantly reducing the amount of cursing I do--NYC brings the worse out of me.

Uh, thats not really working out. I'm saying if the world--and NYC in particular, wasn't so full of fools...Hey, look its better than me hauling off and hitting muuufuuca's.

Goal 4:Continuing and completing my goal to be fitter, finer, and foxier before Trinidad in March--18 lbs to go and perhaps I will comfortably rock a bathing suit

Ok, this goal is a little convoluted. Back when I posted, I had lost 8 lbs. I have made a net loss in weight since then of a whole 2 lbs. But after my first vacation in years with a bunch of nudists--I can say I more comfortable in my bathing AND birthday suit.

Goal 5:Getting a job in Cleveland. Cleveland is where my passion lies and I have to get past the glitter and popularity of my last two residences in DC and NYC.

The statement imbedded in this goal is still true. Cleveland has potential. But I'm still having a hard time getting past the reputation of the place and no it has nothing to do with the new man. That fool said he'd move. But I do have an interview for a once in a life time gig there, so I'll keep you posted.

Goal 6: Living by myself with my own stuff and not having to deal with collecting rent from others

Working on it. But I have a shitty paying job--so that is a dreamed deferred. Until then I will keep mowing the lawn, triming the hedges and taking out the trash--all shit my lazy ass male roommates won't do unless I holler like I'm somebody's mama.

Goal 7 : Getting my finances back on track so that WHEN I am back in Cleveland--I can buy a house in 08

This one is going as planned...I'm cooking with an electric stove rather than gas---but I have paid off three credit cards, a couple collections, and have significantly lowered my debt load.

I'm feeling alright about where I am. Yes, I have my control freak freakout moments--particularly about career and money, but if I have not learned anything after 6 years of difficult transitions including unemployment, big breakups, and about with depression...the Man upstairs has a plan and all you can do is keep all works out the way its supposed to. Can't wait to see what happens next. Popcorn anyone?


  • At 3:01 PM, Blogger Terrance said…

    Great blog sweetie... All I know is if you keep on saying those great things about me, my head my be to big to fit into the car.

    I know everything will work out. Trust me :-)

    Love T

  • At 12:50 PM, Blogger So...Wise...Sista said…

    Oh shoot, I remember the teacher story!
    ...but how come you still on him if your current is hot?!

  • At 9:42 PM, Blogger Jonzee said…

    @ so wise...

    I'm not on The Teacher just happens that I made that affirmation oh about 3 weeks before it became abundantly clear it was a no go.


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