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Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm voting for Obama, dammit!

Okay, so at the beginning of this whole thing I was one of those "I don't know who I am voting for." folks. I initially felt like after one term in the US Senate that Mr. Obama was going to be in over his head. I thought to myself, Hil has legacy, she has been a relatively great Senator for the state of NY, and lawd knows the woman is smart as hell. But then I remembered the Democratic convention speech that Mr. Obama delivered. And how it moved me in such a way that I started calling all of my friends around the country and blathering on about hope and saving the nation. I sent video versions of the damn thing everywhere. It brought me back to a time when I was obsessed with the history of US politics--begging my grandfather and father to tell me about hearing John F. Kennedy deliver his inaugural speech. Or my great grandmother talking about FDR during the Great Depression. I felt nothing but inspiration from the stories they told. Obama invoked the same.

To me the greatest leaders have been visionaries--not necessarily super detail orientated. They have the fresh ideas and an understanding at a macro level of what said ideas mean and there consequences. They surround themselves with smart, engaged , detail orientated people who can implement them. One just need to look at local politics in certain US cities to see what a strong visionary can do. Patrick O'Malley of Baltimore, Richard Daley of Chicago, Mr. Bloomberg of the great city of NY (now if he were running, I might have to...) Yes, there were forces that helped them in their missions, but they have showed strong leadership, significant intelligence, and have surrounded themselves with the best and the brightest, and have inspired millions to stay in the city, reinvest, and in many cases rebuild. I believe that Mr. Obama can do the same for a nation.

To me Hilary is showing that she is simply apart of the political machine that has run politics for what seems like forever. After all that crap about fair competition and not stooping to the level of negative retorts she went straight Karl Rove. I think Americans are tired of that crap.

The world as we know it has been so doom and gloom since 911. Its time to stop rolling out the dead bodies to keep us so fearful of everything and everybody so that we give up all of the freedoms we have been blessed with as Americans.

And please stop rolling out these old civil rights leaders who have not adapted their approach to fighting the good fight since 1971. I WILL NOT be scared into voting for someone just because the other might lose--shit Hilary's got her own set of enemies across this country and they might outnumber those against Mr. Obama. Then what?

I'm keeping hope alive and believing in Obama.


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