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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Keeping Things Correct

This is my blog. For all intents and purposes, though I try to make things titillating for the few special souls who read it, first and foremost its for me to say whats on my mind. As you can imagine, I have a lot to say. And from what I can tell, the same is true for most of the people I have become acquainted, in some cases, growing friends with.

But after I wrote this post, I been holding back on saying what I want to say. Funny thing is, I would put this post up there with one of my better joints. But the man who was the subject of the post? Well, he felt otherwise. We had some beef for a minute over this one. Particularly, after an email he sent in response.

But at the end of the day, its my blog and I feel I should be able to express myself in a free (and responsible) way.

So here goes. I'm pretty pissed right now. OK, perhaps pissed is not the right word. More like resigned and don't really care about talking to him--my significant other that is. We live a good distance from each other now, and after this past weekend, I really don't have much to say. Hadn't seen him in more than 2 weeks. I knew he was tired so I expected after chilling and sleeping all day on Saturday, we would have some quality time on Sunday. Nope. Got dissed. Monday, got a little lunch and then homeboy slept 3/4's of our last couple hours together.

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe I am overreacting. I get that whole being in the same place with someone is spending time--in some instances. And no I didn't sit around moping cause the muuufuuca was sleep (but he got the evil eye and the nearly silent treatment by time Sunday evening rolled around) Yes, I went about my business. I went to see the Reverend Dr. Jeremiah Wright at Rankin Chapel. I went to my sorority meeting. I went and had lunch with a friend. But at the end of the weekend--of which he sat on the couch( or the chair; or the bed; or the chaise) damn near the whole time, I can't help but ask an incendiary question...



  • At 8:25 PM, Blogger Eb the Celeb said…

    hey there... this is off topic but back in december I wrote a post about problems I was having on the job... and you suggested I write a letter to my boss explaining my disappointment... The letter ended up being 3 pages... but he took the time to read it and we had a good conversation. I'm still not in my ideal situation but we are getting there... at first I was a little scared by your comment because you ended it with ps... you never know whose reading... and I was like damn... what if she knows my boss or something... I was reminded of that because a high level executive today who is a good mentor of mine in the company said... how is your blog going? but i never told him that I have one... So I think someone must have said something to him... I dont know if that is going to help me or hurt me in the long run... but I did want to say thank you...


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