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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cootie Brown

...drunk as. That is me. It is 10 AM...and I'm not quite sober. Yet, at my desk/pod/fishbowl on a conference call I sit.

I'm too old for this shit.

Last night, Line Sista 54 (now and forever more called LS Fi-Fo)came by. We were going to be grown. Have a little dinner, maybe a drink or two. What it turned into was a 6 hour, 2/3rd bottle of Sailor Jerry (yo! check out the Sailor--it is so YUMMY!) Spiced Rum drinking, drunk dialing to the sorta semi-not quite--ex by the ls, good ass time.

But now here I sit. Still. Not. Quite. Sober. 7.5 hours of sleep. Still. Not. Quite Sober.

And it will probably take my ass two days to recover--because I'm what? Too old for this shit.

Oh. And now here comes the hang over.


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