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Saturday, November 18, 2006

And then this fool (Man...I gotta start checking in)

So, back in the day, I looked forward to catching one of Pastor Creflo Dollar's sermons on television. But in the last few years his growing need to preach what is being called by many "the Gospel of prosperity" has made me weary. Something just ain't sitting right with me about the brother. Maybe his last name has more symbolic signifigence then just being his guh'ment name? Don't know. And and my growing weariness of him has nothing to do with his 2400 square foot pad overlooking Central Park West. Let me make one thing clear--I am not one who thinks that Pastors and Reverends should live in poverty and drive a pinto. If you are fortunate to be able to share your wisdom, faith and leadership with a church that can afford to pay you well and if you are fortunate enough to be rewarded handsomly for your books, guest lectures, etc--work it. God gave you a gift and an opportunity. Seize it.

I do have a problem with what to me is less " Gospel of Prosperity" and more consumerism and consumption preaching for the whole greedy American and the approach many black pastors of wealthy mega-churches have been going ever since Mr. Bush put out the plan to buy them off with his ill-conceived "faith-based initiatives". (Perhaps not so ill conceived since plantation behavior abounds.)

But this right here adds more fuel to the fire of my weariness and takes steppin' and fetchin' in the name of Christianity to a whole 'nother level.

Be afraid.

Be very afraid.

We will Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Program

Man... Whew! I managed to make it through the last 29 days without falling apart. So much to do! Whoever said second year of grad school was much easier is a muufuucin liar! I knew I was about to fall apart when I was sitting in Quant class about to start balling while the professor was going over some complicated formula about "two sample cases" or some crap. All I knew was I had two big financial models due, a public finance midterm with a professor from hell who prides himself on being able to say after one of his exams "I know its hard to feel good after an excercise like this", two interviews, and needed to chase down the head Negro's at the League to get some info for another project making no traction fast.

And an uncontrollable horniness with no outlet... Perhaps I was crying because celibacy is a bitch with red heals on??


But now I have a pulled pectoral muscle and a developing strep virus and plenty of time to post for you and surf the web for random crap. Like did you know that Omar Epps is married to Keisha from Total? Some dude on the train told me I should check in with the rest of the world every once in awhile--guess I missed that one.

And I missed that my parents neighbor and fellow Shaker Heights alum, Mr Gerald Levert had a heart attack...I would say something. But y'all would think I wasn't being nice.

Speaking of nice, did you know that D-Nice is now DJ D-Nice fulltime again and is in fact still quite nice on the wheels (and still quite fine)? Doing the DJ thing the way it was meant to be-- non-stop bootie shaking all over the damn place. I guess the photography doesn't pay enough of the bills. Oh and his blog is nice too. Full of pics to make your old ass feel even older. All I got to say is, think 15 years ago.

Is there anything I have missed? Other than the mid-term elections which has made G-dub tuck his tail between his legs.

I did manage to check in long enough to excercise my enfranchisment.