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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm thinking

...It might not actually bother me so much if the markets keep going deeper into shit and I get laid off. I already have a plan that involves, bum rushing someones couch for a few months, putting on a uniform and slinging some burgers and beer.

Sometimes I miss the camraderie and free flowing schedule of it all.

...I really don't want to be a homeowner right now (its besides the point that debt and possible job loss make it a kinda awful idea.) I have been talking about buying a house for what seems like forever as others get married or rush into buying something that either takes a lot of work or is way too expensive. I don't even know where home is right now--and when I buy I want to feel like I ain't going nowhere no time soon.

...Baltimore is the Broke Man's Brooklyn. Its still got ethnic flavor, distinct neighborhoods, and strange slow moving gentrification that makes it welcoming. I like it...a lot. But the people? Particularly, my people? Man, they suck. And nothing can replace the actual Brooklyn.

...Dating at my age blows. I feel like the only people left out here are brothers with way too many babies and not enough jobs, want to be pimps, and people who either aint got the sense God gave them, or have turned into Bitter Brother Women haters. I think I am going back to celibacy 'fo I end up stabbing some dude.

...I really want a dog. A little dog. I always wanted to buy an English bulldog and name it Otis. But I'm thinking a pug or puggle name Rufus might work too!

...I need to go out and dance more. I went out on Saturday (and was home by midnight...what kind of fuckery?!) and felt like I couldn't find the groove. I used to be THE KING SHIT on the floor--I felt like a bum.

...twenty more pounds and I might attract that white dude my cousins have been waiting to hear I'm marrying. Of course, I don't know who that dude is, but perhaps its worth a try.

...I need to come up with better shit to say on this blog.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blessed and I know it

Over the last few years, I have generally tried to act as though this time of year on my calendar effects me no more than any other. Usually, I just forget about it.

Until I turn on the radio.

This morning proceeded just as the other 200-odd work days have proceeded. Shut off alarm. Go back to sleep. (Oversleep lately) Convince myself that, no, I have no legitimate excuse for not going to work (except for the dread part lately). Commence moving like Speedy to get to work "relatively" on time.

Then I turned on the radio.

One station was rehashing how jacked up life has become since that day.

Another station was lamenting about Osama.

On another station, a woman was telling a story about her mother. A woman who was never, ever late for work. But messed around that day and missed her bus to the Pentagon. A bus load of her co-workers were lost that day.

I turned it off. In silence, I rode.

See, I missed meeting my maker not once but twice. About a month and a half before 9-11 I started hiking it from the Staten Island Ferry to the Trade--the transfer from the local to the express to look longer if I got on the train at the ferry then it did with me walking it to the stop. Pretty much, every week day at 10 minutes to 8, I was in the building. (The incentive to be on time was the free doughnut a couple times a week from my boy Shawn at the Krispy Creme.) But a week before 9-11 I moved to DC unexpectedly for a housing consulting gig.

On September 11, 2001, I was preparing to meet a military official at the Pentagon to discuss military housing logistics. At 6:45 am, he called and canceled the meeting because of a family emergency. If the meeting was not rescheduled, one or both of us might not be here to tell the story.

As much as I wish it was just another day, it is not. For me and others--no matter how far we get from that actual date--it will not be just another day. The pain may lessen...but the same never.

Yet, here we stand, on the verge of voting into office a Bobbye twin version of the man who fueled extreme irrationality in the living rooms of so many Americans and has left the world more chaotic then he found it.

This day, will never be just another day--particularly if we all don't wake the hell up.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Half Make-Up

Someone tell me why half-make up (it sounds so much better than half break-up) sex is so the BOMB!? I mean, really?! What kind of fuckery is that?

Why do I call it half-make up? Well, see what had happened was a couple of weeks ago the semi-sorta ex came down. And what we came away with seemed very clear. He gets space.

(Bruh's got 90 days and no guarantees. And if he is smart he will get it together before some other dude grabs his cookies and runs off screaming "Mine, mine, mine!" But I digress.)

But we also agreed that before "space" became officially offical that we would kick it through the Labor Day holiday weekend/my girl's wedding in Va. Beach--and then let the space begin.

Since I ain't trying to have a repeat of the on-going foolishness I had with the Bunch (so 'nother story, 'nother time, ' and maybe a little drunkeness required). I knew in my head that I had to get it in as much as possible by the time last weekend came. Cause after that...

No cookies for you!

But Yo! why he been hitting it out the park. Um, like, I'm sort of insatiable now...and um this weekend he looked good enough to eat and shit.

How pissed am I that now I can't have none...out of principalities...???

...This is some ole bullshit.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

He could get it

So, after teaching my first English as a Second Language (ESL) class, I needed to watch some mindless dribble on the Tele. As much bullcrappy dribble that was coming out of the Moosburger eaters mouth, I needed something that did not also make me want to throw up.

And what should appear, but the movie my mother watched every day for the entire year of 1993? The Bodyguard.

And I'm sorry but, to this day...K Cos could get it. I have a penchant for men of color...but I ain't blind.

Lets See, who else:

Sean Connery (have to make sure his pacemaker is working, though)

Harry Connick Jr.

Al Pachino (yes, another pacemaker check)

Simon Baker

Mark Walhberg (Used to be Donnie...during my NKOTB fanatic days)

Christian Bale (he's just so badass as Batman)

Who falls outside of who your would normally date--that could definetely get it?