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Monday, March 31, 2008

Go Outside in the Rain

Someone please tell me how to make this whole long distance relationship thing easier? Everytime he gets ready to go I feel like my heart is breaking.

Sad, moppy, teary...a freaking girl.

I swear I even googled how to make an LDR work. The suggestions run the gammut from phone dates to wake up calls to a drop-dead date for the LD to end. And still it gets harder.

A number of my colleagues have survived the plight of an LDR (Long Distance Relationship) and lived to tell about it. My boss married his wife after 15 months of long distance--80% of their relationship. The guy who shares the cube wall with me? He picked up his crap and moved to DC after nearly a year of LD. He's getting married in the fall.

The stories keep me encouraged. But what they also tell me is that its just going to get worse.

Guess that cancels out the encouragement.

We talk on the phone at twice a day--even if not for long. We see each other on average--every 8 days. And we even have a plan for when LD will end. But as time goes on, this is getting more difficult.

But I feel bad for feeling bad. Other people have much more difficult LDR's then I do. My close friend's fiancee is in Kuwait--and has been since they got engaged. She is planning a wedding--and though he chimes in from a distance--thats got to be a lot of weight. Compared to that, a 200 mile trip from B'more to NYC is nothing.

Still, I miss my man. And it would be nice to be able to sleep on those 8 days when we aren't together.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Someone take her tactics out to the woodshed

Now, the honorable Senator Clinton of the great state of New York has decided to go after the pledged delegates.

Latest greatest attempt to get the nomination? Clinton says, Pledge delegates are like superdelgates and can vote how they want.

While this may be true, why did she bother to say it? Perhaps, because this is her latest attempt to put a wrench in the plan and get to the nomination.

Im sick of it. Once again, Senator Clinton, you cannot ever count my vote again.

Now, someone go get me a switch.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Okay, so I lied (but only a little one)

If you thought the wing-nuts over at Fox were simply rampant conservatives with their heads up their respective butts, well, all they want is an apology for black people being so mean and unfair to them.

After all, black people should be thankful for all white people have done for them. Geesh!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Enough, Already!

Okay, before my head spins off and rolls down the table somewhere, I have decided to take a 'ranting on politics holiday'. Even I am sick of talking about it thinking about it now.

So, now what do I do?

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tell Me Again How You Think I Should Feel?

Generally, I like Maureen Dowd...generally.

Except in most of her commentaries that come anywhere close to discussing race and/or ethnicity. Generally, she starts off objectively, recognizes the nuance of the situation, and comes through with an interesting take on the issue.

When it comes to discussions of racial and/or ethnic discourse, lately, she's been missing the mark.

This op-ed on Obama's speech yesterday, is one of those when I think she not only misses the mark, but insults the experiences of people of color, period. Yes, she says it was a remarkable speech, but what she also does is allude to how a person of color should feel or react to the complicated station they occupy in American history.

Such talk is patriarchial at best.

In order to have a true conversation about race and ethnicity in this country not only do we have to be mindful of our history, but we also have to be willing to put on the hat of empathy and try our best to understand where others are coming from--whether the preconcieved notions of others are real or not.

Until you hear me and others of color, and chose not to dismiss how we feel about our relationship to the larger American milieu, then the resentment will continue to build.

Perhaps, Ms. Dowd should go back and listen to the Senator's speech again.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It Ain't Over till WE THE PEOPLE say so!

This morning, I was upset, angry, and pretty frigging hopeless about the future in politics. This morning I woke up and listened to the incessant loop about Dr. Jeremiah Wright's incendiary remarks and the upcoming speech about the issue from Senator Obama, and couldn't help feeling like "See, all of this hope for nothing."

Then I woke up and drank some more "kool-aid".

S.O has dodged, with courage and conviction so many bullets that could have undone him -- that could have turned him into the "black candidate", the "angry black man" candidate, "the sexist making deals with all the boys in the back room candidate". I forgot that every time I get a little nervous about the whole thing, he makes me more proud than ever that I have given quite a bit of money to his campaign, volunteer time going forward, and have helped others become politically active, regardless of their individual leanings.

Clearly, if this makes me nervous, I don't need to run for national office.

Whether the speech he gave to day quashes the various tomfoolery about him or those who who have been brandishing his racial, ethnic, or spiritual heritage like its a dirty rag, I am proud. And if "It is almost like white America is daring him to brandish his ghetto pass in front of the whole world.", then he did it DAMN well in my opinion.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Just like Your Favorite Old Uncle

Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright is in the news again. And if you have been a minority in this country of any nationality or race--there is some truth to it. I would say if you were born of the majority, it would be nearly impossible to identify, as the experience cannot be.

Funny. He is everywhere--and the story is a rehash from the same story Sean Hannity over at Fox has been spouting for months.

Guess we don't want to pick on poor former Senator Ferraro's racist behind any more. Its just not fair the way the "Obama campaign is attacking [her]."

Senator Obama compares his relationship with Dr. Wright to that of an old uncle you love very much--but every once in awhile says some outrageous stuff you just shake you head at.

And there are a bunch of us who relate to that comparison. And, seems to me its pretty accurate description.

Like my relationship with Ms. Juanita next door. Love the lady--she's like that stern "play grandma" in church. She keeps you on the right path--put every once in awhile her politics make you look at her like she's crazy. Like when she told me "I'm sorry but I don't give no black folks my business...I go straight to a white man." I was about to say something, but just like imagine BO doing with Dr. Wright, I just took it in and moved on.

And you know what, I know there have been more than a couple times, when I was sitting in church on Sunday and didn't agree with something in the sermon. So what? Does every Bush supporter agree with everything that comes out that fools mouth? Probably not.

So, WTF, does that mean?

How about we show this video.

Guess it wouldn't fit Sean Hannity's purpose--or spin.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I know I am supposed to be doing something more important to me right now.


I know what it is not. It is not corporate America--per se. It is not work on the federal or state level.

Its on the street. Its local. It effects folks lives everyday.

Its something.

Its something that will drive me to work hours a day on it--and not take notice of day turning into night -instead of noticing that the clock seems to move slower every day.

Its something that navigates its way through beauracracy to insight a riot of change--with those most effected leading the way.

It builds things--tangibly, physical things, that vastly improve peoples interface with their environment.

Its not this.

Its urban to its core--and not in that "new" definition of urban purported by the media near you.

Its not this.

But, I am sitting here. Patiently sitting here. Waiting.

In due time.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Tired of these "Love" songs

I woke up this morning tired as hell...with a big cheeseball grin.

Threw Big Tee Tee a b-day shindig to welcome him to the dirty thirties. And boy was a time had. So, no 5 am gym for me today--just couldn't find the energy (*Cheese*).

Thanks to Ms. Erykah's new joints got me out the door and to the job this AM. Calling folk to action!

Now, hold up, let me warn you, if you are looking for straight up R and B love songs about things like "let me see you naked." or "girl clap that", or songs about baby daddiesmamasmamas drama--this ain't for you.

Sorry--maybe on the next learning curve.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

No. Not I.

I am appalled. We knew he wouldn't win Ohio--and that Texas would be close--and the results did not lie. Of course, he was down by nearly 20 points in each state nearly two weeks ago, and even though the margin was much smaller, a loss is a loss--especially to HRC.

Now she is claiming states that don't count--Michigan and Florida. She is talking about him being her VP--like all the sudden she swept 14 states or some shit. And she keeps trying to invoke the fears of the American folk-particularly families.

But I will not vote for her. Ever. I voted for her in the senatorial election, even though it did not sit right with me that the only reason she and her Husband moved to NY was so that she could run for this office. She's been a decent senator, though she has largely not done what she promised to do for upstate NY. And honestly, her second win was because there was not one viable candidate to run against her.

But I will never vote for her. I will not support her. I have had enough of this fear-mongering, under the radar race-baiting that HRC seems to be so proud of.

She has stooped so low, that she might as well ask Karl Rove to be her running mate.

And is she delusional? Does she really think, BO will accept a VP post with her? Like he's some puppy dog that needs a new owner! Um, he might be diplomatic and gracious--but he ain't no fool.

I don't know what I am going to do, but I know one thing. I will not cast my vote in November for her. Period.