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Friday, December 28, 2007

Tis' The Season have a muuufuucin heart attack if you are a Browns fan. The Cardiac Kids ride again. All they had to do was win. I knew when Derek Anderson wasn't smiling that we were in trouble. But even in the end we still had a chance after being down by nearly 2 touchdowns the whole game. Now a whole confluence of crap has to happen--like Tennessee losing--and we still have to win against my man's 9'ers (they got nothing to live for so I imagine they will be gunning for us)

But tis' also the season, to start thinking about goals and crap for 08'...

I'll get back to you.

Friday, December 21, 2007

And Here's to You Too

You saved my life. DP helped me identify the dream, but you homie, you saved my life. It was a dark time for me. And it was your constant demand that I get up, that saved me. But it was very difficult for me to know that you would ever think that I would play you for the bending over backwards you did for me. But I get it, because I get you. You feel me?

Our friendship is a spiritual one. Our friendship is one that teeters on the edge of going too far. It is a rare type of friendship that is hard to find...kinda like true love. I think it happens once--maybe twice. And if and when it does, you gotta have the patience and the drive to make it keep working. That is us. From our first conversation on the front stoop of my first apartment by myself, I knew we would be friends for a lifetime. I don't see that changing. I didn't even see it changing, when were both angry and resentful of the other.

All I can really say, is I am glad that in 2007 are wits came about us. Here we are again, having meaningful conversations. Understanding whats going on in the head of the other just because we are that connected.

In the end we both know that too far--might be just that. But I value you more than you can ever know. And I look forward to the day when you find the one for you--the one you can trust with all of your heart. The one who is not only your road dawg, but the love your life. I'm looking forward to couple dinners and watching our respective rugrats play together. And I am especially looking forward to continuing to be friends the way we were before.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Ain't No Mistakin'

I vehemently defend it. I get upset whenever someone says that stupid "mistake by the lake" crap--though not as angry as I used to. I have learned to count to 10 before I respond. And as a Cleveland Browns fan, I have learned to take the gut punches from NY sports fans in particular, with a stoic rather than "ready to whoop some ass" face.

Somebody owes my ass $150.

I bet that the Browns would go at least 8-8. Those fuckers are 9-5! What! Who thought it could be possible. I mean after they traded Charlie Frye within 24 hours of the first game and named Derek Anderson the starter--a man who started 5 games last year and threw way more interceptions than touchdowns--I was ready to renounce my birth city and go NY sports all the way.

But alas--he got out there and looked like he was tossing around the pigskin in the front yard. Even still, playoff dreams seemed a long way off.

But here we are. The defense has been iffy and Mr. Anderson has not been consistent at some stages, but yet here we are on the cusp of the playoffs. And if the stars weren't already aligned enough--The Steelers lost to the Jags. Perhaps, one of God's right hand angels, is a Browns fan?

But, I'm hopeful. Not stupid. We still have a ways to go--and one of those ways is through the Steelers. And all Brownies fans know what happened last time we went up against them in the playoffs.

But seeing is "Believe-land".

Friday, December 07, 2007


God puts people in your life, your way, your line of sight for a reason. I know this in my heart and soul. I have documented the many times in my head that it has happened, and been amazed at the opportunities that have arisen in some seemingly stressful moments. And in my case some seemingly over-analytical moments.

Last night, I met the OG-my good friends closest girlfriend coming up--from pacifers to PBR. I have heard many a story about the woman over the years and watched the far away look in my girl's eyes everytime she started to wonder why one day OG straight walked out of her life. Being the type that doesn't let folks back in, I was happy to hear that she and the OG were kicking it again.

After I met her, I could see why they were so close. It's hard to sit around and listen to stories about old times that are way funnier to those who where there than to you, the newbie to the group. But, as I listened I completely understood there bond and became endeared with the OG (she deemed me the New G so there it is)who point-blank told me that "we are girls now, like it or not." and it didn't even bother me. She has a big loving heart. Freely admits her errors in judgement, and I think has enough love to help my girl dissipate the hard shell of bitterness that is engulfing her spirit.

While I am happy about all of that, what I am grateful for is that last night, she was the person, who knowing me only for a couple hours over Bourbon and Beer, told me all of what I needed to hear and be reminded of.

Of what she said, what she told me about love was the most daunting. It brought me full circle to a conversation I had with SoWise on Monday. The need to let go of my ultimate defense mechanism. She took my hand, looked me in the eye and said, "T is a good, supportive man, who absolutely and totally believes and has faith in you. But, your doubts and nitpicking will destroy it."

When she said that, it jolted the memory of how it felt when he was here last weekend. Boy, don't you know when that man left my house and went back up top, I couldn't sleep, I cried, and I listened to all the sad joints on Alicia Key's latest record. I knew then that I don't ever want him to go. It was the first time that I realized how mean and evil I could be, and how at some point he might just say "to hell with it". But when the OG put it like that, it confirmed for me that I need to "cut the bullshit, ASAP".

In the end, she said much of what I already knew, but the way she put it jolted a need for action. So, we'll see how I play without my defense.