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Monday, January 29, 2007

The E-Dating Saga--Part 1

In my first week of e-dating, it has taken me very little time to notice that the game is the same--minus the physical ability to be in the person's space. I have recieved a million and one flirts and emails at, but when it comes to actually getting a substantive response to my follow up...

*tumble weeds roll by*

Today, a brother who I have been chatting with quite a few times via email, pulled the "hook a brother up" card, followed by the *maybe I can come by your crib and we can hang out" card. WTF?

This other brother, didn't even bother to read my response to his email which asked him about his writing career, gave him my IM, and said something about my attempts to write as well. His response--well that shit just didn't make sense logically or grammatically for that manner. I think somebody else must have written his profile.

And then there is my internet stalker.

Not much different then meeting some cat at the club. But at least you can tell how tall his ass really is? And you can look in his eyes and gander whether he is deranged.

Next report--an actual date.


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