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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mr. Johnson? Please shut up.

I immensely dislike you, Bob Johnson. I mean don't get me wrong. I respect your business savvy, after all you created BET. And back in the day, your station connected me to hip hop and black culture in away I could not get in my 95% exurban community--particularly when rabbit ears were having hard time picking up 98.7 Kiss down in the City.

But over the years BET became a cess pool of 'ignant shit. You've been a cheap bastard when it comes to making your NBA franchise some contenders. And after meeting and speaking with your wife on a panel regarding philanthropy in the 21st Century, and the stupid shit she said about saving children and giving her money to the poor, unfortunate children in Fairfax and Loudon County VA, two of the most well off public school systems in the nation, my dislike for you makes me wonder where your real motivation lies.

Personally, I think your more Clay Davis and less Stan O'Neill. Its all about them dollars.

And now here you come with this foolishness...

The controversy over what Ms. Clinton meant by her remark regarding Dr. King and John F. Kennedy were not taken out of context. She simply didn't think through how it was said. The whole thing has been fanned into flames by the media. Not Mr. Obama's camp. Many heard the remarks, including Donna Brazille, former campaign advisor to the Clinton administration, and in Ms. Brazille's words "it's unfortunate...I'm disheartened." to put it nicely. The way it came out may not be the way she meant it, but once things are said sometimes its hard to rescind and get folks to forget.

And speaking of people saying stupid shit that offends you, Mr. Johnson, it was you who said something about "...while he was down in the neighborhood doing whatever he did.", which was then construed to be a direct attack on Mr. Obama's admittance to some small experimental drug use when he was in college, when you were down in SC talking about how "appalled" you were.

Thanks for using you black card again--how convenient.

Bob Johnson, you ain't Oprah. Perhaps, people ooh and ahh at you once in awhile, but Oprah you aint. And your lack of elegance shone through brightly while speaking on behalf of Mrs. Clinton. Im glad you got your latest 15 minutes.

But Like I said. You aint no Oprah


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