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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Scoring a Teacher

At the beginning of the New York City Public School academic year, NYC Ed implemented a complicated satistical analysis system to rate the worth of a teacher based on a student's performance on standardized tests.

When are the purveyors of these policies both locally and the federal level, going to recognize that making good teaching be measured by standardized score results is more like comparing apples and monkeys than apples and apples?

America falls further and further behind in educational achievement and attainment across the board--from middle to poor. Learning how to repeat and memorize information does not nurture critical thinking--the bedrock for innovative approaches to problem solving. Our ideas keep being more efficiently duplicated and improved upon abroad rather than here. LBJ had it right with the Westinghouse scholarships and other programs to encourage youth to pursue science and math. W

Why don't they just tell us that they want to flush the public education system down the toliet and stop playing with our emotions over continuously stupid initiatives that cannot and will not address the bigger macro problems with the public education system (including my favorite issue--eroding parental involvement and increasing responsibilities for teachers to play babysitter and disciplinarian.)

Argh! And my daddy wants to retire and be a school teacher. What in the hell was he thinking!?


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